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April 2018 Archives

Criminal charges filed in alleged assault of Minnesota bus driver

People handle conflict in a variety of different ways. Often, conflict only involves verbal confrontation. However, police say that a man in Minnesota resorted to violence following an incident on a bus. That man now faces criminal charges are a result of the alleged incident.

Police suspect drunk driving contributed to Minnesota crash

When driving on Minnesota roadways, there are many factors to which drivers must react and respond. If a driver feels that a crash is imminent due to the actions of others on the roadway, he or she may react in a certain way designed to avoid a crash. Ironically, this action could potentially lead to a crash. In fact, the driver of a recent crash was accused of drunk driving though he reportedly told police that he was responding to the actions of others on the road.

Authorities search for Minnesota woman facing criminal charges

People often react to news in ways that may seem contrary to expectations. Unfortunately, when someone feels that his or her life may be in danger, for example, reactions are centered more around self-preservation than calling authorities. Officials in Minnesota are now looking for a woman who faces criminal charges and is considered a person of interest in her husband's murder even though many of the details regarding the man's death are unclear.

Minnesota man suspected of drunk driving in fatal crash

It is an unfortunate fact of life that car accidents happen every day in Minnesota. Often, even the safest drivers can become involved in a collision. Unfortunately, a man was recently arrested after police say he was drunk driving at the time of a motor vehicle accident.