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August 2017 Archives

Minnesota man facing DWI charge after police chase

When a Minnesota resident faces a criminal charge, he or she may be unsure how to proceed in light of the accusations. For many, consulting an experienced attorney is often beneficial to the outcome of their case. One man is likely looking into his legal options after being charged with a felony level DWI along with other charges.

2 Minnesota men accused of drug crimes involving cocaine

The possession and distribution of illegal drugs can lead to serious ramifications for anyone involved in such matters. Those facing drug charges in Minnesota may wonder how to proceed in light of these types of accusations. Two men are now likely looking into their legal options after being charged for drug crimes related to the distribution of cocaine.

2 men may face criminal charges after alleged shooting

Traffic stops are a regular occurrence in Minnesota and across the country. Most involve a short discussion with the police officers and little else. Two men are now in custody, however, and may soon face criminal charges after an alleged shooting during one such traffic stop in the early morning hours.

Blood alcohol test results lead to Minnesota man's 9th DWI

A Minnesota man was recently charged with his ninth offense related to drunk driving. Reports indicate that he was allegedly driving a lawnmower erratically on the street and that a blood alcohol test showed him as more than three times the legal limit. He is now likely working with an attorney to determine his legal options.

Drug crimes could have severe consequences for those charged

A criminal charge may lead to serious consequences if a conviction is obtained. Charges related to various drug crimes are a common cause of arrest in Minnesota and across the country. One young man was recently arrested and charged with a drug-related felony.