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January 2019 Archives

Minnesota mayor charged with DUI

Anytime people choose to pursue a political position -- even if it appears to be a relatively minor one -- they often set themselves up for additional scrutiny. Unfortunately, even a hint of illegal activity could be enough to garner media attention. In fact, the mayor of a Minnesota town is now coping with press coverage after he was accused of DUI.

Man faces multiple criminal charges in Minnesota shooting

Most people would admit that the end of a romantic relationship is often difficult for both parties. While the reaction to a former love interest likely varies from person to person, most do not include violence. Despite this, a Minnesota man faces multiple criminal charges after he allegedly confronted a woman he used to date, and her co-worker, at their place of employment.

Minnesota chiropractor expected to plead guilty in fraud case

When people in Minnesota are accused of crimes, they are often left facing multiple decisions that will ultimately have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. Depending on the nature of the charges against them and the consequences a conviction can carry, a defendant may feel that the best option is to accept a plea deal. In fact, it seems that a chiropractor accused of fraud has opted to do just that.

Minnesota man suspected of DUI in fatal accident

When faced with a potential emergency situation, people react different ways. For some, their response may be to panic and flee. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials in Minnesota claim that a man who they say was involved in a fatal pedestrian accident fled the scene; he has since been arrested on suspicion of DUI as a result.