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September 2017 Archives

Woman with prior driver's license revocation facing new charges

When someone commits serious traffic offenses, exacting consequences may be enforced. One potential ramification of such offenses is a driver's license revocation. A Minnesota woman has recently been accused of several charges related to a crash she was allegedly involved in after having her license previously suspended.

Minnesota man facing criminal charges in alleged shooting

Being accused of a crime is a very serious situation. Anyone in that position would likely benefit by consulting an attorney as soon as possible. A Minnesota man facing criminal charges related to attempted murder is likely now looking into his legal options.

Man charged with underage DUI after alleged failed breath test

Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, many crimes may carry serious consequences when convictions are obtained. Being accused of a crime would likely be an alarming situation for most people. Seeking out an experienced criminal defense attorney is often beneficial in such circumstances. A young Minnesota man is likely now looking into his legal options after being charged with multiple offenses due to allegedly failing a breath test

Minnesota professor now likely considering criminal defense

When a person is accused of a crime in Minnesota, he or she may face severe consequences depending on the charges. Those in this situation may find that consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney is often beneficial. A professor at the University of Minnesota is now working with his attorney after being charged with a felony.

What you should know about binge drinking and DUIs

Many college students in Minnesota are under the impression they must drink alcohol regularly to be in danger of getting DUIs. What they fail to realize is the majority of people who drink and drive are binge drinkers. It may seem fun for you to drink until you feel drunk with your friends, but the moment you get behind the wheel to drive, you are breaking the law.