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May 2019 Archives

Man faces criminal charges after woman is stabbed in Minnesota

When a person is injured, there is an understandable need to fully examine all of the events leading to the injury. In some cases, law enforcement officials may determine that it is necessary to file criminal charges. In fact, a man now faces charges after he allegedly stabbed a woman in Minnesota.

Minnesota daycare worker faces criminal charges

Many parents in Minnesota and across the country have to make the difficult decision to place their children into the care of someone else while they go to work. The vast majority of day care providers are dedicated to protecting the children in the care and ensuring that their best interests are met. Despite this, a day care provider now faces criminal charges, reportedly connected to the services she provides.

Teenager charged with assault after altercation at Minnesota bar

Late at night, a bar near a college campus can be a hectic, chaotic scene. In fact, authorities in Minnesota claim that an altercation occurred at one bar on a night in May. Reports indicate that a teenager has since been taken into custody, charged with assault as a result of the incident.

Minnesota college student charged with underage drinking

When driving near a college campus, there may be additional distractions and potential obstacles. For example, there may be a higher volume of pedestrians who could behave unpredictably. If a car accident does occur, it may be easy for law enforcement officers to make assumptions about a driver's sobriety simply due to his or her age or the location of the accident. In fact, a driver in Minnesota is now accused of underage drinking following a recent crash.

Fatal accident in Minnesota leads to drunk driving allegations

When people are accused of committing a crime in Minnesota,  they often feel overwhelmed by the criminal justice system. Without legal training, they may be unaware of their options. For example, a man who police claim was drunk driving when he caused a fatal car accident is likely considering his defense options as he responds to the allegations against him.