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June 2019 Archives

Police claim drunk driving factor in fatal Minnesota crash

Even the most vigilant of drivers can become involved in a car accident. Something as simple as a conversation with a passenger can be a sufficient distraction to cause an accident. Despite this, police in Minnesota believe that a recent fatal crash was the result of drunk driving.

Minnesota healthcare worker faces criminal charges

There are people in Minnesota and across the country who are in need of help taking care of themselves in their own home. Unfortunately, there often are not enough workers to provide the care that is needed, potentially leading to insufficient personnel. Despite this, law enforcement officials in Minnesota have filed criminal charges against a woman, apparently believing that she could not have worked the hours providing such care that she reportedly logged.

Minnesota shooting leaves girlfriend facing criminal charges

When a shooting occurs, the desire for answers is understandable. However, the events surrounding an incident are often complicated and can lead to confusion. Despite this, a woman in Minnesota is now facing criminal charges after police say that she shot her boyfriend.

Minnesota roundabout accident leads to DWI charge

Roundabouts are structures used in Minnesota and other areas of the world that are believed to help with the flow of traffic. However, they can be confusing for those who have little experience with them. Unfortunately, one man now faces multiple criminal charges, including DWI, after he was allegedly involved in an accident in a roundabout.