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March 2018 Archives

Criminal charges filed after police say Minnesota man sold meth

When people struggle financially, they are often desperate to improve their situation. However, this rarely means turning to illegal activities. Despite this, police in Minnesota claim that a man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly admitted to selling drugs to make more money.

Man faces criminal charges for Minnesota break-in

Almost everyone has been in a unfamiliar neighborhood, unsure which house is the one for which they are looking, potentially causing a person to approach the wrong residence. Unfortunately, police say that a man in Minnesota now faces criminal charges because he illegally entered a private residence. He could spend 20 years in prison if convicted of the charges against him.

Woman faces criminal charges after Minnesota incident

People act a certain way for a variety of different reasons. Often, behavior is driven by a chemical imbalance, making it necessary to determine if there may be some physiological reason for a behavior, especially if it results in criminal charges. Unfortunately, police in Minnesota report that a woman recently ordered a police officer to shoot her before trying to take his gun.

2 people in Minnesota face criminal charges following search

When people are suspected of a crime, they may be unsure of their rights. Such uncertainty could ultimately prevent them from effectively responding to allegations that were made against them. Such may be the cause for two young people in Minnesota who now face criminal charges.