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Why driving while intoxicated is dangerous

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | blog, DWI |

Drinking and driving will land you driving while intoxicated charges. These occur when you operate a vehicle with more than a .08 percent blood alcohol content.

Here is some more on why drunk driving is dangerous for you and others.

Drunk driving defined

According to state laws, DWI involves consuming alcohol and operating a motor vehicle. That means you could be behind the wheel of a car, bike, motorcycle, golf cart, boat, jet ski or even a lawnmower. Thousands of people die annually in the US in drunk driving accidents. Millions of people face DWI charges every year in the US. Therefore, this is a serious public and traffic safety issue.

Drunk driving consequences

Whether you kill someone or not when you drive drunk, you have to live with the consequences. If you kill someone in a wreck, you will have to live with the emotional burden of having done that. On top of that, you seriously endanger yourself when you drive drunk. A crash can cause paralysis, disfigurement, brain damage or even death.

Drunk driving dangers

Alcohol has a similar effect as a sedative, meaning that it will impact your decision-making skills and coordination. In other words, when you drive drunk, you cannot make the quick maneuvers that help you avoid crashes. That makes you a hazard to yourself and others and increases the chance that you will crash and kill someone.

Drinking and driving is dangerous and repeated offenses can have strict consequences. When you get pulled over for a second DWI, you could face jail time.

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