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February 2019 Archives

Minnesota man pleads guilty in coin fraud scheme

When people run certain businesses, they are often tasked with the responsibility of determining whether a product is counterfeit. Unfortunately, if they make a mistake, they could ultimately end up facing accusations of fraud. In fact, it is unclear how law enforcement officials who have charged a Minnesota business owner of selling counterfeit coins determined that he was aware that the coins were not real.

Minnesota teen accused of assault, underage drinking

People experiencing a medical emergency may be unsure of what is happening around them. In the confusion, they may mistakenly perceive someone who is trying to help as a threat. Unfortunately, a Minnesota teenager is now facing criminal charges, including accusations of underage drinking, after she allegedly injured a health care worker at a hospital.

Minnesota home search results in drug charge

In the United States, people are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. If law enforcement officials suspect a crime is occurring at a private location, they may choose to seek a search warrant depending on the circumstances of the situation. In fact, a man in Minnesota who now faces a drug charge is likely wondering what led police to seek such a warrant against a home he reportedly owns.

Minnesota man suspected of assault in string of incidents

Anyone can have a disagreement with someone for a variety of different reasons. These disagreements, however, rarely result in violence. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota is now accused of assault after a conflict but is suspected of being involved in a string of other incidents.