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April 2017 Archives

Charges can come out of college student fights

Sometimes, altercations arise between college students or between a college student and another person in the community the student goes to college in. Being accused of having gotten into a physical fight is an allegation that can have considerable ramifications for a college student. In some cases, it could result in them facing assault charges.

Financial penalties in criminal cases in Minnesota

Among the common penalties for criminal convictions are monetary sanctions. There are a wide range of such sanctions that can be imposed in criminal cases, including fines, surcharges, restitution, fees and probation-related costs. All different sorts of criminal offenses here in Minnesota, from relatively “minor” ones to some of the most serious, can carry such penalties with them.

How much does a DWI raise a driver’s insurance rate in Minnesota?

Among the substantial expenses a person deals with on a regular basis are their car insurance payments. Now, there are some things that can push a person’s auto insurance rates to particularly high levels. One of these is being convicted of drunk driving.

Can you avoid a criminal record for marijuana possession?

In the state of Minnesota, courts hear cases about possessing, selling, importing or cultivating marijuana every day. Many of the charges constitute a felony, but under certain conditions, the court can drop the charges. If you have been arrested on a marijuana offense and fear how it will impact your future as a professional, you should seek the help of an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible.