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Charges can come out of college student fights

by | Apr 27, 2017 | College Student Crimes, Firm News |

Sometimes, altercations arise between college students or between a college student and another person in the community the student goes to college in. Being accused of having gotten into a physical fight is an allegation that can have considerable ramifications for a college student. In some cases, it could result in them facing assault charges.

One type of assault charge a college student could end up facing here in Minnesota in connection to a fight is the charge of fifth-degree assault. Fifth-degree assault is the most basic assault offense in the state. Among the things that fall under this offense are: intentionally inflicting bodily harm on a person, attempting to do so or taking action aimed at putting fear of immediate harm into a person.

This assault offense is typically a misdemeanor.

While fifth-degree assault is generally the lowest in severity of the assault degrees, a conviction on this assault offense can still expose a college student to impactful penalties and affect their life in some very fundamental ways.

Also, under some circumstances, allegations of fighting could expose college students to charges of some of the higher-severity assault degrees. For example, if a student is accused of having caused substantial bodily harm to another person in a fight, they could face a charge of third-degree assault. A conviction on such a charge carries a maximum fine of $10,000 and a maximum prison sentence of five years.

So, being accused of fighting could leave a college student facing legal matters that could have some very big impacts on their future. When facing assault charges in connection to a fight, a college student may want to promptly have a conversation about their situation with a skilled defense attorney. When a college student is facing potentially life-alerting criminal proceedings, it can be critical for them to have an accurate understanding of the options and rights they have.

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