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December 2018 Archives

Man faces criminal charges after pizzeria altercation

Conflict can happen at any point with any person. While some people may be involved a heated verbal exchange, violence is relatively rare. However, there are some instances in which a person may feel that his or her life is in danger, forcing protective actions. Unfortunately, the exact events leading up to an altercation at a Minnesota pizzeria are unclear, but one man now faces criminal charges.

Driver faces criminal charges following Minnesota car chase

When people are facing a confrontation with law enforcement officials, they sometimes become overwhelmed and panic. Unfortunately, it might be easy for police officers to interpret what could simply be panic as something more nefarious. In fact, a Minnesota man now faces criminal charges after police say he fled from a traffic stop.

Minnesota man accused of stealing millions charged with fraud

Some people in Minnesota and other areas of the country dedicate years and years of their lives working for one employer. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota who managed a farmer's co-op for decades has now found himself facing criminal charges. The man recently surrendered and now faces a charge of mail fraud.

Drunk driving case: Small crack in windshield not probable cause

The U.S. Constitution provides a number of different protections for those living in the country. Unfortunately, many people may be unaware of the exact protections provided, especially regarding the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. However, a recent ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court in a drunk driving case helps clarify what actions of police may violate a person's Fourth Amendment rights.