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First-Offense And Underage DWI Defense

If you are facing a first-time charge for DWI, you may be feeling more than a little confused and afraid. This is likely the first time you have found yourself on the wrong side of the law, and you may not know where to turn or what to do next.

Turn to Bauer Law Office. I am Thomas Bauer, founder of the firm and an experienced DWI defense attorney. I have been protecting the rights of Minnesota adults and teens for decades. When you need strong and experienced legal help to combat a first-offense DWI, you can count on a skilled legal team — my staff assisting — to guide you adeptly through this challenge.

Penalties For A First Offense

Penalties for a first-time DWI conviction depend on a number of factors. However, the consequences can include up to a $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail, plus the revocation of your Minnesota driver’s license for a significant amount of time. Therefore, it is critical to speak with a skilled attorney as early in your case as possible to protect your rights.

‘Not A Drop’ Is Allowed For Drivers Under 21

The legal drinking age in Minnesota is 21. Someone under this age who is caught driving a motor vehicle with any amount of alcohol found in their system may have their driver’s license suspended. They may also be subject to other serious penalties for underage DWI.

The law also applies to those who are in “physical control” of a motor vehicle. This means you could theoretically be arrested even if you weren’t driving anywhere. If a police officer finds that you’ve been drinking and discovers car keys in your pocket, your legal status may be at risk.

In addition, if you are under 18, any amount of alcohol found in your system can trigger Vanessa’s Law. This will result in the revocation of your driving privileges until you turn 18.

You Deserve A Strong Defender To Fight For You

Don’t let one mistake or a false accusation affect your life for years. Get the skilled legal counsel and representation you need to fight underage DWI charges. Speak to a seasoned defense lawyer. At Bauer Law Office, I help people in Plymouth, Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis.

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