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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Law Blog

Woman faces criminal charges after Minnesota incident

People act a certain way for a variety of different reasons. Often, behavior is driven by a chemical imbalance, making it necessary to determine if there may be some physiological reason for a behavior, especially if it results in criminal charges. Unfortunately, police in Minnesota report that a woman recently ordered a police officer to shoot her before trying to take his gun.

The incident reportedly happened one afternoon on a day in March. A state trooper was reportedly stopped on the shoulder of a road when his vehicle was rear-ended by another vehicle. He claims he approached the 47-year-old female driver to ask if she was okay. However, she reportedly ordered him to shoot her.

2 people in Minnesota face criminal charges following search

When people are suspected of a crime, they may be unsure of their rights. Such uncertainty could ultimately prevent them from effectively responding to allegations that were made against them. Such may be the cause for two young people in Minnesota who now face criminal charges.

Many of the details regarding the case are unclear. For example, reports indicate that officials determined in the course of an investigation that that a 20-year-old male and an 18-year-old female were selling marijuana from their residence, located within a block of a park. It is unclear what sparked the investigation, but officials say that as a result of it, a search of the home was conducted.

Minnesota pastor suspected of drunk driving after crash

Car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. While sometimes they are the result of some sort of criminal action, they can frequently be caused by a miscalculation or wrong turn. Unfortunately, it seems that it is sometimes easier for police officers to assume that an accident was caused by drunk driving rather than simple driver error. In fact, police believe that a driver in Minnesota was under the influence of alcohol when he was allegedly involved in a fatal crash.

The incident happened at approximately 8 p.m. Police believe that a 72-year-old man was northbound in the southbound lanes of a Minnesota road. Unfortunately, his vehicle allegedly struck an oncoming vehicle head on.

Man jailed for 28th DWI illustrates MN drunk driving issues

A man leaving his VFW post after enjoying a few drinks had the misfortune of being spotted by another VFW attendee who happened to be an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.

The arrest of Danny Lee Bettcher in September 2017 is evidence that some people do not stop drinking and driving after the first offense, indicating the ongoing need to tackle drunk driving in Minnesota.

Man charged in alleged drunk driving accident

Drinking alcohol is a common practice for many people as a way to further enjoy social situations or to relax after a long day. Making the choice to drive after doing so, however, might result in drunk driving and/or other charges. One Minnesota man now faces multiple charges after his alleged participation in a recent car accident that resulted in the death of another man.

Few details of the accident have been released at this time. The collision is said to have occurred on a highway in northern Minnesota. Authorities claim that the man struck and killed a person with his vehicle. They further state that after the crash, the man supposedly fled the scene.

Minnesota man facing drug crimes related to THC-laced candies

Minnesota residents accused of possessing or distributing illegal drugs may face severe legal repercussions if convicted. Those charged with drug crimes would likely benefit from seeking the aid of experienced criminal defense attorneys. One man is likely focused on his legal options after being accused of selling candies laced with the active ingredient in marijuana.

According to authorities, a police officer stopped the man for an unrelated equipment violation and reportedly smelled marijuana in the vehicle. The officer then searched the man's car, allegedly finding eight plastic bins containing over 99 pounds of gummy candies laced with concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Reports indicate that the street value of this amount of illegal substance is estimated to be between $40,000 and $50,000.

Minnesota snowmobile driver arrested after refusing breath test

Most people are aware that driving a car while intoxicated is illegal. However, some may not know that operating other types of motor vehicles after consuming alcohol may also result in charges or fines. A Minnesota man has recently been arrested after allegedly refusing a breath test following a snowmobile accident.

The local sheriff's office stated that a father and son were building a portable ice house at the time of the crash. A man on a snowmobile allegedly crashed into both of them, seriously injuring the young boy. Reports indicate that the boy suffered head trauma and shallow breathing. He was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. The snowmobile driver was also injured, suffering a broken arm.

Minnesota man facing DUI and other charges after hit-and-run

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is an action that could lead to unfortunate events. Some drivers may be unaware of their level of intoxication, however, and may face unexpected consequences. One Minnesota man has recently been charged with DUI and other offenses after his alleged involvement in a fatal car crash.

Police officers reportedly responded to a collision shortly before midnight. Upon searching the area, they concluded that the aforementioned driver had been involved. When they attempted to stop him, he allegedly fled. Officers pursued and eventually located the man and his vehicle. 

A breathalyzer issue shows that testing equipment can fail

If the police stop you on suspicion of drunk driving in Minnesota, a law enforcement officer can order you to take a sobriety test, which may involve a breathalyzer.

A 2016 incident in Philadelphia shows how human error can disrupt DUI testing, not just for one case but for many others.

Minnesota man facing criminal charges after alleged shooting

A Minnesota man is now facing charges related to murder after a car accident. Such criminal charges could result in severe consequences should the court declare him guilty. He is likely now working with an attorney to build a strong defense to dispute the charges.

According to police, the man stopped his car behind a vehicle that he saw crash into the curbside storm drain. That vehicle then backed up and hit his car. Police stated that both drivers got out and reports indicate that a confrontation ensued, wherein the man retrieved his gun from his car. The man claims that the other driver tried to grab the gun, so he stepped back and shot the driver. Two witnesses to the incident claim that the driver did not advance toward the man nor did either of them touch one another before the gun was fired.