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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Law Blog

Minnesota man accused of DWI with children in car

There could be many different reasons a police officer might pull someone over, including speeding, suspected drunk driving or other traffic violations. This situation can be intimidating for those being accused and may eventually lead to serious consequences. A Minnesota man is now accused by authorities not only of DWI, but also leading police on a high speed chase while his children were in the vehicle.

Police said that they were investigating reports of a vehicle swerving on I-94. When they located the vehicle in question, officials said that the driver fled onto a minimum maintenance road leading to the highway. They stated that speeds during the chase reached over 100 mph. The driver was reportedly finally stopped after driving over spike traps deployed by other officers.

Minnesota man now facing charges related to drug crimes

Possessing and distributing illegal substances can lead to severe legal ramifications for those accused. For many, charges related to drug crimes are a common cause for arrests. A Minnesota man is now facing criminal charges after police allegedly discovered illegal drugs in his vehicle. A female with him is also now facing charges.

The couple was stopped while driving in Duluth. For reasons that have yet to be revealed, investigators with the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force suspected that the couple were methamphetamine dealers. Authorities obtained a warrant to search the vehicle and allegedly recovered about 14 grams of methamphetamine, drug packaging, a digital scale, paraphernalia and a loaded handgun.

Minnesota man facing criminal charges for death of girlfriend

It is not uncommon for couples to argue over disagreements. However, a Minnesota man is now facing charges after allegedly killing his girlfriend after a supposed argument. Police and a witness claim that he did so with his truck. He is now facing criminal charges relating to her death. 

According to reports, a witness saw the woman lying in the road and pulled over. The witness questioned the man, who was standing nearby, and he allegedly admitted that he ran over the woman. The man then reportedly moved his truck back into his driveway before the fire department and police arrived.

You may be able to avoid a felony drug possession conviction

If you are facing first-time charges for drug possession, you may not realize the full ramifications of your actions. You risk your future and freedom. You could end up with a criminal record that will haunt you long after you finish the terms of your sentencing. Drug charges can make you ineligible for financial aid and certain types of public benefits, and make it harder for you to qualify for lucrative career opportunities. 

In the past, drug possession charges were strictly felony offenses. Even possession of small amounts of illegal narcotics, such as cocaine and heroin, were felony charges. Recent changes in the law have made it possible for some first-time offenders to avoid getting a felony drug charge. Here is a brief overview of Minnesota’s drug possession laws. 

Man facing criminal charges after failed breath test

Car accidents have become an unfortunately regular occurrence in Minnesota and across the country. When accidents happen, police may believe that alcohol is involved and request a breath test. One man is now facing charges after he allegedly failed such a test following a collision with a pedestrian.

Authorities reported that they received a call about a vehicle hitting a pedestrian. Officers say they found a woman lying in the road and the man believed to be responsible standing near his car. A witness claims that she saw the man's vehicle stop in the road and reverse, after which she saw the victim on the ground.

Minnesota man facing charges in potential drunk driving accident

While driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal, drivers sometimes fail to realize that they are over the legal limit. Whether a driver knowingly or unknowingly drives while intoxicated, the risk of causing a car accident is apparent. One Minnesota man may face drunk driving charges in addition to others after his alleged involvement in the death of a pedestrian.

Local police reportedly saw the accident take place. As the two officers were traveling west, they claim that they saw the pedestrian get struck in an eastbound lane. One officer exited the vehicle to assist the pedestrian while the other pursued the driver believed to be responsible. 

College students may hesitate to report campus crimes

Now that college classes are back in full swing, so is campus crime. It is not unusual for students to find themselves in situations they do not know how to handle, including drugs or alcohol.

Those who are new to college life seek approval from their peers. They want to “belong,” and thus they are reluctant to report any criminal activities they observe or find themselves involved in.

Minnesota pastor now facing criminal charges

In addition to any potential legal consequences, criminal accusations may also negatively affect a person's reputation. This is especially true when the accused person is a leader in his or her community. A Minnesota pastor is now working with an attorney after facing criminal charges related to an alleged attempt at vigilante justice.

Reports indicate that the pastor witnessed two teenage boys trying to steal snacks from a grocery store. He then allegedly went out to the parking lot to take down the teens' license plate number. Police say that he then followed the teens to an apartment complex where he approached them, pretending to be a police officer. He supposedly grabbed at one of them and then sprayed the boy with pepper spray after the boy tried to hit him.

Minnesota man facing felony charge for alleged drug crimes

Being charged with a criminal offense can be a serious situation. Drug crimes are a common cause of arrests in Minnesota and across the country. One man is now facing felony charges after police recently searched his home and allegedly found illegal drugs.

It is currently unclear what prompted authorities to perform the search of the man's home. Upon arrival, police claim that they discovered several thousand dollars in cash and a significant amount of drugs in the home. Over 100 grams of heroin was allegedly found, as well as 65 grams of marijuana, 200 prescription pills and common drug paraphernalia. 

Minnesota woman charged in alleged drunk driving accident

Operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol is never a good idea. Though drivers may believe they have not had enough alcohol to push them over the limit, getting behind the wheel after drinking may still lead to car accidents with tragic results. One Minnesota woman is now facing multiple charges after her alleged involvement in a drunk driving crash.

According to authorities, the woman was driving in the wrong lane for over a mile on Highway 10. Her vehicle supposedly sideswiped a semi-trailer before crashing directly into another car. Police conducted a preliminary breath test at the scene, allegedly indicating that the woman was under the influence of alcohol.