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October 2017 Archives

Minnesota woman charged in alleged drunk driving accident

Operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol is never a good idea. Though drivers may believe they have not had enough alcohol to push them over the limit, getting behind the wheel after drinking may still lead to car accidents with tragic results. One Minnesota woman is now facing multiple charges after her alleged involvement in a drunk driving crash.

Minnesota man facing criminal charges for shooting at airplane

A Minnesota man is facing serious allegations after allegedly shooting at an airplane. Multiple criminal charges have been filed against the man, who recently made his first court appearance. He is likely now working with an attorney to respond to these charges.

Minnesota man charged with 28th DUI after refusing breath test

A Minnesota man is now facing his supposed 28th drunk driving charge, which could be some kind of dubious record. He was arrested after allegedly refusing to submit to a breath test. The man is now likely working with a criminal defense attorney to present a strong defense to dispute the charge at his impending court appearance. Regardless of his background, the accused individual is still presumed innocent of the current charges before the court.

Man facing charges related to drug crimes after traffic stop

A man from another state was arrested in Minnesota after a recent traffic stop. He is now facing charges related to drug crimes which could result in severe penalties. The man is likely now working with an attorney to build a strong defense for court.