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May 2018 Archives

Several in Minnesota face drug charges following traffic stop

Many people who are questioned by authority figures such as police officers often become nervous during the encounter and may not fully understand the implications of the information they provide. Often, those who may be suspected of a crime are unaware of their rights when questioned. However, an experienced attorney can help. Several people who were recently arrested following a Minnesota traffic stop and now face drug charges may decide to seek such help.

Drunk driving allegedly a factor in Minnesota crash

Car accidents happen every day in Minnesota for a variety of different reasons. Something as simple as looking down to change the radio station or speaking with a passenger could be all it takes to cause a crash. Unfortunately, one crash has resulted in a man facing accusations of drunk driving, resulting in his arrest.

Minnesota criminal charges after woman argues with ex-boyfriend

A romantic relationship -- and its aftermath -- can be a volatile time for some people. Even relationships that only last a short period of time can result in strong feelings. Despite this, these feelings rarely lead to violence. However, a woman in Minnesota now faces criminal charges after she reportedly became involved in an altercation with her ex-boyfriend.

Drunk driving plea deal allows Minnesota man to avoid prison

When facing criminal accusations, some people may be unsure of their options. In some cases, a person may realize that there is sufficient evidence for a conviction. As such, he or she may choose to accept a plea deal in hopes of a reduced sentence. For example, a man in Minnesota recently accepted a plea deal that will allow him to seek treatment rather than spend time in jail following a drunk driving crash.