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September 2018 Archives

Drunk driving accusations follow collision with Minnesota deputy

Most everyone in Minnesota and across the country who has gotten behind the wheel of a motor vehicle has likely been involved or been close to being involved in a car accident. A collision can happen for a variety of reasons, including disorientation due to a lack of visibility or distraction. However, police claim that drunk driving was involved in a recent collision involving a sheriff's deputy.

2 Things You Should Know About Minnesota's DWI Laws

DWI laws have been in place for years. However, in August, Minnesota made a few changes to state mandates. Modifications were deemed necessary after the death of an eight-year-old boy as a result of being hit by a snowmobile. The man operating the snowmobile had his driver's license revoked due to the number of DWI offenses he had. What does the new law mean?

Criminal charges in Minnesota case of alleged insurance fraud

When a person is accused of a crime in Minnesota, he or she may have several courses of action available. Unfortunately, without legal training, the average person may be unsure about his or her options and their potential outcomes. Unfortunately, a woman who is now facing criminal charges as a result of a workers' compensation claim she allegedly made may be unsure of the best course of action for her individual case.

Minnesota horse-and-buggy crash leads to drunk driving charge

Drivers in Minnesota and across the country often experience difficult-to-predict circumstances as they drive on the roadways. While some of these may be easy to respond to, other unexpected obstacles, such as a horse and buggy in the road, may be more difficult. Unfortunately, police have now accused a man of drunk driving following an incident with a horse-drawn vehicle that resulted in a death.