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March 2019 Archives

Minnesota man suspected of DWI in hit-and-run crash

It is easy to make a miscalculation when driving. A driver, for example, may believe that another car is moving slower than it actually is, potentially resulting in a turn that could cause an accident. Unfortunately, a Minnesota man now faces accusations of DWI, among others, after he allegedly left the scene of an accident in which he was involved.

Criminal charges after search of Minnesota ballplayer's apartment

The debate about marijuana use has shifted significantly over the last few years. However, though some states have legalized it, others still consider it a crime to possess. Unfortunately, a football player for the Minnesota Vikings now faces criminal charges after police searched his apartment and allegedly discovered marijuana and other drugs.

2 men face criminal charges after Minnesota traffic stop

When driving long distances, it is not uncommon for drivers to momentarily drift across the fog line. Such an act is rarely a reflection of the driver's skill or state of my mind. Unfortunately, a state trooper in Minnesota apparently believed that a traffic stop was necessary after a driver drifted over the fog line. The two occupants of the vehicle now face criminal charges.

Minnesota man arrested twice in 7 hours for drunk driving

When a person faces criminal charges, they may often feel unsure about their options. For example, some people may be uncertain about their right to remain silent when questioned by police. Unfortunately, police in Minnesota claim that they have recently arrested the same driver twice in just over seven hours for drunk driving.