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2 men face criminal charges after Minnesota traffic stop | Bauer Law Office

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When driving long distances, it is not uncommon for drivers to momentarily drift across the fog line. Such an act is rarely a reflection of the driver’s skill or state of my mind. Unfortunately, a state trooper in Minnesota apparently believed that a traffic stop was necessary after a driver drifted over the fog line. The two occupants of the vehicle now face criminal charges.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in early March. According to reports, the trooper noticed a pickup truck pulling a camper. The trooper claims that there was large crack in the truck’s windshield and that the driver weaved across the fog line.

The trooper claims that he became suspicious that the two male occupants were smuggling drugs after they allegedly gave different explanations of their travel plans. The trooper then claims that he walked around the camper with his K-9, which he said detected drugs. Reports claim that a search of the camper resulted in the discovery of 900 pounds of marijuana in addition to THC wax and concentrate and several thousand dollars in cash. The drugs were valued by law enforcement at $4.25 million.

The two men now face multiple criminal charges as a result of the Minnesota traffic stop. If convicted, they could face significant consequences that will likely impact the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, they may also feel unprepared to respond to the allegations against them if they have no legal training or experience. As such, they may want a criminal defense attorney with experience with such cases to help them navigate the justice system on their side.

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