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January 2018 Archives

Minnesota man facing DUI and other charges after hit-and-run

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is an action that could lead to unfortunate events. Some drivers may be unaware of their level of intoxication, however, and may face unexpected consequences. One Minnesota man has recently been charged with DUI and other offenses after his alleged involvement in a fatal car crash.

Minnesota man facing criminal charges after alleged shooting

A Minnesota man is now facing charges related to murder after a car accident. Such criminal charges could result in severe consequences should the court declare him guilty. He is likely now working with an attorney to build a strong defense to dispute the charges.

Minnesota man charged with drug crimes after investigation

Minnesota residents accused of crimes may not know what to expect after an arrest. Fortunately, a criminal defense attorney may be able to assist those in this situation by explaining the charges they face and representing their rights and interests in court. One man is now likely working with an attorney after being charged for alleged drug crimes.

DUI: Minnesota judge facing charges re alleged failed breath test

Being accused of a crime may not only result in serious legal consequences, but may also affect a person's reputation. These are only a few of the reasons why it can be important to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after charges are made. A Minnesota judge accused of drunk driving is now working with an attorney after allegedly failing a breath test.

Minnesota man facing criminal charges related to death of friend

When Minnesota residents are accused of crimes, they may be unaware of the various legal avenues available to them. To help better understand the criminal charges they may face and receive guidance on their next steps, those accused would likely benefit from obtaining the services of experienced attorneys. One man is likely considering his legal options after allegedly shooting and killing his friend.