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Minnesota man facing DUI and other charges after hit-and-run

by | Jan 30, 2018 | DUI/DWI Charges, Firm News |

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is an action that could lead to unfortunate events. Some drivers may be unaware of their level of intoxication, however, and may face unexpected consequences. One Minnesota man has recently been charged with DUI and other offenses after his alleged involvement in a fatal car crash.

Police officers reportedly responded to a collision shortly before midnight. Upon searching the area, they concluded that the aforementioned driver had been involved. When they attempted to stop him, he allegedly fled. Officers pursued and eventually located the man and his vehicle. 

The other driver involved suffered only minor injuries. The driver believed to be responsible was taken into custody by authorities. He has since been charged with several infractions, including fleeing in a motor vehicle, fourth-degree DUI, criminal vehicular operation, driving after revocation and failing to stop a motor vehicle accident. In addition to those charges, police claimed that his license had been previously revoked and he had multiple felony level warrants.

Charges such as these may lead to serious ramifications for anyone facing accusations of DUI. For this reason, it can be highly beneficial for anyone in this type of situation to contact an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after charges are made. An attorney can work to protect a person’s legal rights while helping to build a strong defense to present before the court. Additionally, an attorney could assist in any future legal proceedings related to the incident as well as provide guidance and support throughout the criminal proceedings.

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