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July 2018 Archives

Drunk driving, assault charges follow Minnesota domestic incident

Families are often much more complex than the average person can observe. Though this complexity can sometimes lead to conflict, it rarely leads to violence. Unfortunately, a woman in Minnesota now faces multiple criminal charges, including assault and drunk driving, following a report of a domestic issue.

Minnesota man faces criminal charges after boulder strikes car

There are a variety of different people who utilize Minnesota roadways. While some people drive for personal reasons, others require the roads for commercial purposes, such as transporting large loads. Unfortunately, a man now faces several criminal charges after his use of a road to haul a large load allegedly led to two deaths.

Minnesota man allegedly refuses breath test after traffic stop

Parents in Minnesota and across the country typically have different ideas regarding how to best parent their children. Despite these differences, most people are able to make decisions for their children. However, police reportedly stepped in after they allegedly received calls about a man who has allowing his toddler to help drive a sports utility vehicle. After the man is said to have refused a breath test, he was taken into custody and now faces multiple charges.

Minnesota man faces drunk driving charges following crash

When driving on certain roads in Minnesota, there is sometimes only a thin line of paint that separates motorists traveling in opposite directions. All drivers have likely had a moment in which they temporarily crossed over that line; fortunately, most of these incidents occur when there is no traffic, allowing the driver to return to his or her lane without a major incident. Unfortunately, police say that one driver was not able to return to his lane in time, ultimately resulting in a car crash that led to drunk driving allegations.