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May 2017 Archives

Who should control the videos from police body cameras?

Citing reasons such as public accountability, many police departments here in the U.S. have been having their officers wear body cameras in recent times. As law enforcement use of these cameras has grown, concerns have been raised over some aspects of the practice. Among these are concerns over who has control over the video generated by such cameras. This includes control over decisions such at what such video gets released to the general public.

Policy change made regarding federal prosecutions

Many things can impact how federal drug crime cases go. Among these are the actions and steps taken by the person facing the drug allegations in the various stages of their case. So, understanding one’s options and situation from the very beginning can be critical for individuals accused of federal drug crimes. Given this, getting strong legal guidance from the very start can be important for federal drug crime suspects.

License revocation issues for individuals accused of DUI

When a driver is pulled over by police here in Minnesota, what the traffic stop results in could have major implications for their future. If the stop results in them being accused of testing above the legal limit for blood alcohol content, their very ability to get around could be at risk.

Encouraging results from the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program

Minnesota has a serious problem when it comes to drunk drivers. In 2014, 31 percent of the state’s 111 motor vehicle deaths were alcohol related. In 2015, the number of traffic fatalities rose to 137 and 2,203 injuries were reported. In an effort to reduce such statistics, the Minnesota ignition interlock program became law in the summer of 2011, and the Office of Traffic Safety recently undertook a comprehensive evaluation of that program.