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License revocation issues for individuals accused of DUI

by | May 12, 2017 | Driver's License Revocation, Firm News |

When a driver is pulled over by police here in Minnesota, what the traffic stop results in could have major implications for their future. If the stop results in them being accused of testing above the legal limit for blood alcohol content, their very ability to get around could be at risk.

That is because such a situation typically leads to an automatic license revocation of at least 90 days. A driver could receive an automatic revocation of an even longer amount of time under certain circumstances, such as if their blood alcohol level tested above 0.16.

The ability to drive can play a major role in many things for a person. This includes their ability to get to work and their ability to get to classes. So, losing one’s license for months could endanger a lot of important goals a person has. Given this, the thought of having their license taken away could fill a person with fear about their future.

What happens in the time period right after a Minnesota driver fails a blood alcohol test can have significant impacts in relation to the issue of license revocation. This is because the measures one could take to try protect their driving privileges when facing an automatic revocation can have short deadlines and timeframes associated with them. So, after being accused failing a blood alcohol test, a driver may want to discuss their options related to the issue of license revocation with a skilled DUI attorney as soon as they can.

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