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June 2017 Archives

Blood alcohol test requires implied consent advisory

All states have implied consent laws, and most drivers who refuse chemical sobriety tests may be subject to penalties such as loss of license or even jail time. When someone drives in Minnesota, that person automatically consents to any breath, urine or blood alcohol test requested by a police officer who has probable cause to believe the person is impaired while driving. Often, the results of a preliminary breath test give police cause to search a driver's vehicle, which may lead to other unrelated charges.

Breath test results lead to arrests of Minnesota men

Two Minnesota men have been arrested in separate drinking and driving incidents within hours of each other. Both men were given field sobriety tests and one a breath test before receiving DWI charges. They are now likely working with attorneys to dispute these charges.

Alleged drunk driving crash leads to death of young woman

A variety of factors could lead to car accidents. One common factor in a significant number of serious accidents across the country is drunk driving. A Minnesota man may end up facing criminal charges after his involvement in an alleged DUI crash in which a young woman was killed.

Supreme Court puts limits on federal forfeiture

Being convicted of committing federal drug crimes in relation to a drug scheme can open the door to a person facing all sorts of serious consequences. This includes possible asset forfeiture. Under federal forfeiture law, authorities can seize certain assets in connection to profits earned through illegal drug activity.