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Alleged drunk driving crash leads to death of young woman

by | Jun 13, 2017 | DUI/DWI Charges, Firm News |

A variety of factors could lead to car accidents. One common factor in a significant number of serious accidents across the country is drunk driving. A Minnesota man may end up facing criminal charges after his involvement in an alleged DUI crash in which a young woman was killed.

Minnesota State Patrol reported that the man lost control of his car as he drove east on Highway 62 on the morning of June 3. The vehicle rolled over the flyover ramp leading to another highway and then continued to roll over the ramp guardrail. It finally came to a stop on the eastbound side of Highway 212.

The young woman who was a passenger in the car died at the scene. The man suffered critical injuries and was taken to an area hospital. Neither of the two had been wearing a seat belt. State Patrol alleged that the woman and the man believed to be responsible had both been drinking prior to the crash.

Though police did not reveal whether any criminal charges had been made at this time, they may try to charge him with a DUI or other charge in the near future. He is likely consulting with an attorney to prepare a strong defense to any formal accusations. Anyone in Minnesota facing a drunk driving charge could consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to make sure that his or her rights are protected. An attorney could also provide guidance and support throughout the criminal process, including any plea negotiations and/or a trial.

Source:, “Hopkins woman dies in crash on ramp at Hwys. 212 and 62 in west metro“, June 3, 2017

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