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February 2018 Archives

Minnesota pastor suspected of drunk driving after crash

Car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. While sometimes they are the result of some sort of criminal action, they can frequently be caused by a miscalculation or wrong turn. Unfortunately, it seems that it is sometimes easier for police officers to assume that an accident was caused by drunk driving rather than simple driver error. In fact, police believe that a driver in Minnesota was under the influence of alcohol when he was allegedly involved in a fatal crash.

Man charged in alleged drunk driving accident

Drinking alcohol is a common practice for many people as a way to further enjoy social situations or to relax after a long day. Making the choice to drive after doing so, however, might result in drunk driving and/or other charges. One Minnesota man now faces multiple charges after his alleged participation in a recent car accident that resulted in the death of another man.

Minnesota man facing drug crimes related to THC-laced candies

Minnesota residents accused of possessing or distributing illegal drugs may face severe legal repercussions if convicted. Those charged with drug crimes would likely benefit from seeking the aid of experienced criminal defense attorneys. One man is likely focused on his legal options after being accused of selling candies laced with the active ingredient in marijuana.

Minnesota snowmobile driver arrested after refusing breath test

Most people are aware that driving a car while intoxicated is illegal. However, some may not know that operating other types of motor vehicles after consuming alcohol may also result in charges or fines. A Minnesota man has recently been arrested after allegedly refusing a breath test following a snowmobile accident.