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April 2019 Archives

Man accused of assault while defending his Minnesota home

Many people in Minnesota and across the country work hard for the things that they have. As such, it is understandable that they would want to protect both themselves and their property from the actions of would-be thieves. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota is now charged with assault after he allegedly shot a man on his property.

Man facing serious criminal charges after child suffers injuries

When accused of a serious crime, any person can feel out of control. Handling criminal charges can result in individuals being placed in scenarios that they have never been in before or at least have little knowledge about how to address effectively. If a person has charges like attempted homicide brought against him or her, information about the case may help.

Minnesota woman accused of fraud, other crimes

The criminal justice system can seem overwhelming. Even the process of being questioned by law enforcement officers can be a nerve wracking experience, especially if the person suspected of a crime is not fully aware of his or her rights. Unfortunately, a woman in Minnesota is now facing multiple felony charges, including fraud, after she was accused of stealing money from her employer.

Responding to a first-time drunk driving charge in Minnesota

For people in Minnesota with little or no legal training, a criminal charge can seem overwhelming. Some people may feel that they are unprepared to make decisions on their own and that their life is ruined because of the charge. Fortunately, Bauer Law Office has the necessary experience and knowledge to guide those facing a first-time drunk driving charge throughout the process.