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The criminal justice system can seem overwhelming. Even the process of being questioned by law enforcement officers can be a nerve wracking experience, especially if the person suspected of a crime is not fully aware of his or her rights. Unfortunately, a woman in Minnesota is now facing multiple felony charges, including fraud, after she was accused of stealing money from her employer.

The woman reportedly served as the office manager of a business for six years. As part of her job responsibilities, she had access to two different bank accounts owned by the company. Her employer began to suspect theft after a check he wrote from a company account was rejected for insufficient funds. He claims that when he asked the 49-year-old woman for bank statements, she left them on the attorney’s desk and did not return to work.

Officials believe that the woman stole more than $470,000 from the business through unauthorized credit card purchases and writing fraudulent checks to herself and her family members. She reportedly told officers that she began taking the money when she was experiencing financial difficulties. To hide her actions, she is said to have told her husband that the extra money was a result of bonuses given to her at work.

The case has resulted in three felony charges against the Minnesota woman, including theft by swindle, check forgery and credit card fraud. The woman has several significant decisions to make as a result of the charges against her, including whether to fight the charges in court or accept a plea deal, if offered. In some cases, a person may choose the latter option if he or she feels that there is sufficient evidence for a conviction, regardless of one’s guilt or innocence. An attorney with experience with such cases can help those facing similar charges fully understand their options and the potential outcomes.

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