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August 2018 Archives

Minnesota crash leads to vehicular homicide charge

A car accident can happen at any time of day and for a variety of different reasons. Under some circumstances, however, an accident can result in fairly significant criminal charges. In fact, a driver in Minnesota is accused of vehicular homicide, among other charges, following a fatal accident.

3 reasons people drink and drive

It is unlikely that anybody begins her or his evening with plans to drive home while intoxicated. Drinking and driving is rarely a conscious intention, but unfortunately, it is still a common occurrence. A number of reasons exist as to why people drink and drive, but all of them can have the same consequences if you are charged with a DUI, or worse, if you hurt yourself or another driver.

Man on probation in Minnesota charged with assault

It does not come as a surprise to anyone that people are prone to make mistakes. In some cases, these mistakes may be more serious than others and come with more serious consequences. Though people may not be destined to repeat their mistakes, others may assume that they will. For example, a Minnesota man who was previously charged with violent crimes now faces accusations of assault.

Minnesota mom accused of drunk driving

As most people in Minnesota with children will likely agree, being a parent is difficult, especially when small children are involved. In fact, driving with young children can be especially distracting. Often, parents find themselves attempting to hand their children a drink or snack -- for example, while driving -- which could potentially lead to maneuvers that could be negatively perceived. Unfortunately, police have recently accused a mom of drunk driving.

Criminal charges filed against Minnesota man

Many workplaces have complicated dynamics. While some have employees who all get along, others may experience conflict and contention. However, this conflict rarely boils over into people's personal lives. Despite this, a man in Minnesota now faces criminal charges after police say he intentionally struck a former co-worker with his car.

Woman accused of DUI after fiery Minnesota crash

Those who have never been in a car crash may be unfamiliar with the effect that being involved in such an incident can have. While the physical implications are clear, some people are also affected emotionally -- perhaps in ways that may manifest similarly to people who are under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, a woman in Minnesota has recently been charged with driving under the influence, DUI, following a recent fiery crash.