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Criminal charges filed against Minnesota man

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Firm News |

Many workplaces have complicated dynamics. While some have employees who all get along, others may experience conflict and contention. However, this conflict rarely boils over into people’s personal lives. Despite this, a man in Minnesota now faces criminal charges after police say he intentionally struck a former co-worker with his car.

The incident that led to the 30-year-old man’s arrest reportedly happened in mid-June. According to reports, the defendant intentionally drove toward a pedestrian, striking him. Though the force of the impact reportedly threw the pedestrian into the air, he was not seriously injured.

The pedestrian claims that the vehicle contained two former co-workers with whom he had experienced conflict over another individual. The pedestrian further states that when the car struck him, the defendant yelled out the window at him and left the scene. Both the driver of the vehicle and his passenger reportedly later called police, claiming that the vehicle had been stolen; they reported soon after that the vehicle had been recovered. The alleged driver has since been charged, and pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder. It is unclear if the passenger in his vehicle will also face charges.

Recently, a request that the defendant undergo a mental evaluation was granted by the judge. Often, people in Minnesota who face criminal charges are unsure how to properly defend themselves. As such, they have the right to an attorney who can help them pursue all potential avenues, including determining whether a mental health issue may have been a factor.

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