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December 2017 Archives

When domestic violence can end up in criminal court

Allegations of assault within the home may often involve a crime related to domestic violence. As such, the results of the allegation may extend further than a civil restraining order. One may find him or herself the subject of criminal charges, even if false, that could result in a prison term and a criminal record.

Criminal charges result in jail time for Minnesota woman

Being accused of a crime can be a scary and stressful situation. Anyone facing criminal charges may find it beneficial to consult an experienced Minnesota defense attorney. One young woman has recently been sentenced after her role in the shooting death of her boyfriend.

Minnesota man now facing accusations of drug crimes

A young Minnesota man is now facing serious criminal charges after a recent police investigation. The man is accused of multiple drug crimes, which could lead to severe consequences should prosecutors obtain a conviction. He is likely now looking into the legal options available for his defense with the aid of an attorney.

Minnesota man accused of DWI with children in car

There could be many different reasons a police officer might pull someone over, including speeding, suspected drunk driving or other traffic violations. This situation can be intimidating for those being accused and may eventually lead to serious consequences. A Minnesota man is now accused by authorities not only of DWI, but also leading police on a high speed chase while his children were in the vehicle.

Minnesota man now facing charges related to drug crimes

Possessing and distributing illegal substances can lead to severe legal ramifications for those accused. For many, charges related to drug crimes are a common cause for arrests. A Minnesota man is now facing criminal charges after police allegedly discovered illegal drugs in his vehicle. A female with him is also now facing charges.