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Responding to a first-time drunk driving charge in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Firm News |

For people in Minnesota with little or no legal training, a criminal charge can seem overwhelming. Some people may feel that they are unprepared to make decisions on their own and that their life is ruined because of the charge. Fortunately, Bauer Law Office has the necessary experience and knowledge to guide those facing a first-time drunk driving charge throughout the process.

Because there is much about the criminal justice system that is unknown to those facing charges, those accused may experience a great deal of anxiety. Fortunately, our attorney has spent decades helping people in a similar situation, regardless of their age or the circumstances of their arrest. Depending on the factors of a person’s arrest, he or she could face a fine of up to $1,000, revocation of his or her driver’s license plus up to 90 days’ imprisonment.

Special circumstances could apply, depending on the age of the person arrested. For example, anyone under the age of 21 who is driving and found to have any amount of alcohol could face a driver’s license suspension. Anyone under the age of 18 could lose their license until they turn 18 under Vanessa’s Law. Additionally, anyone found to be in “physical control” of a vehicle could also find themselves facing accusations of drunk driving even if they were not actually driving.

While most law enforcement officers in Minnesota are dedicated to justice, an incorrect assumption without evidence can easily result in false accusations. With the right legal assistance, those facing a first-time drunk driving charge may feel more confident in their ability to respond to the allegations against them. With the Bauer Law Office, a single mistake or incorrect accusation does not have to have life-long ramifications.

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