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Drunk driving, assault charges follow Minnesota domestic incident

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Firm News |

Families are often much more complex than the average person can observe. Though this complexity can sometimes lead to conflict, it rarely leads to violence. Unfortunately, a woman in Minnesota now faces multiple criminal charges, including assault and drunk driving, following a report of a domestic issue.

The incident involved a 35-year-old woman. It happened during the early morning hours of a day in July. According to reports, she became involved with some sort of conflict with her husband and sister-in-law.

Police reports claim that the husband and sister-in-law say she attacked them with a knife, resulting in minor cuts. The woman is then said to have left the residence. She was discovered around 5:30 a.m., parked at a fire station where she was arrested. Many details of the incident are unclear, including the events leading up to the alleged assault and whether the woman could have feared for her life.

Criminal charges against her include domestic assault, assault, drunk driving and assault with a dangerous weapon. The time period following an arrest often requires a defendant to make multiple decisions that could potentially have a significant impact on the rest of his or her life. Unfortunately, the average person in Minnesota who does not have legal training likely feels unprepared to make these decisions without the guidance of an experienced professional. As such, many defendants request help from a criminal defense attorney.  With such help, those facing criminal charges often feel more confident in the decisions that they must make.

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