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Minnesota man charged with 28th DUI after refusing breath test

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Blood Alcohol Tests, Firm News |

A Minnesota man is now facing his supposed 28th drunk driving charge, which could be some kind of dubious record. He was arrested after allegedly refusing to submit to a breath test. The man is now likely working with a criminal defense attorney to present a strong defense to dispute the charge at his impending court appearance. Regardless of his background, the accused individual is still presumed innocent of the current charges before the court.

According to police, the man ignored a stop sign when leaving a Veterans of Foreign Wars facility. They claim that he was driving only 10 to 15 mph and swerving on the highway. An officer alleged that when pulled over, the man’s eyes were bloodshot and the officer could see a beer can behind the passenger seat.

The man has since been arrested and charged with a felony-level drunk driving charge and refusing to submit to a breath test. He is currently being held in a local jail while he awaits his upcoming court appearance. These charges carry a penalty of up to seven years in prison and five years of probation.

Anyone facing similar charges after refusing to submit to a breath test could benefit from contacting an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. An attorney could work toward ensuring a person’s legal rights are protected, as well as help to build a strong defense to present in court. By examining a person’s circumstances, an attorney could focus on achieving the best possible outcome by either clearing the client’s name or by achieving a reduction to any potential sentence he or she may face.

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