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Minnesota woman charged in alleged drunk driving accident

by | Oct 25, 2017 | DUI/DWI Charges, Firm News |

Operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol is never a good idea. Though drivers may believe they have not had enough alcohol to push them over the limit, getting behind the wheel after drinking may still lead to car accidents with tragic results. One Minnesota woman is now facing multiple charges after her alleged involvement in a drunk driving crash.

According to authorities, the woman was driving in the wrong lane for over a mile on Highway 10. Her vehicle supposedly sideswiped a semi-trailer before crashing directly into another car. Police conducted a preliminary breath test at the scene, allegedly indicating that the woman was under the influence of alcohol.

A passenger in car that was hit passed away at the scene as a result of her injuries. The driver of that car was taken to the hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening. Neither the truck driver or his passenger were hurt in the crash. The woman believed to be responsible is now facing two felony counts of criminal vehicular homicide by operating a vehicle in a grossly negligent manner and criminal vehicular operation in causing substantial bodily harm to another.

These types of charges can lead to serious consequences if convictions are obtained. Anyone accused of drunk driving or other criminal charges would likely benefit from consulting an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. In addition to protecting an individual’s legal rights, an attorney could work toward presenting a strong defense in court in order to achieve the best possible outcome for a client.

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