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What should your resume look like if you have a criminal record?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | DUI |

While looking for a new position, you had an interaction with law enforcement that ended in a drunk driving charge. You do not want to stop looking for new opportunities, but you know your DUI created new obstacles to overcome.

Monster explains how to cultivate a resume when you have a criminal record. Learn how to use a single document to show employers what makes you an exceptional employee.

Focus on all your relevant experience and training

No matter an employee’s history with the police, resumes should focus more on the training and experience candidates bring to the table. Those with a criminal record who received relevant job training while incarcerated could include that on their resumes. This could present a great opportunity to share valuable skills and lessons that translate into a work environment.

Think twice about referencing your criminal background

While you do not want to lie about your criminal background, you need not include it on your resume. If you get an interview with an employer, expect to have the chance to discuss your DUI then. Use your resume to show what makes you a knockout candidate and only what makes you a knockout candidate.

Do not include unrelated work experience

If you had work or educational experiences while incarcerated that do not relate to your desired position, think twice before adding them to your resume. If you have time gaps in your resume, you may include your unrelated work experience in an “additional experience” section at the bottom of your resume.

Even with a criminal record, resumes serve the same purpose for those searching for a new job. Applicants with DUIs may need to tweak the document so it serves as a tool rather than a burden.

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