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Minnesota man accused of stealing millions charged with fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Firm News |

Some people in Minnesota and other areas of the country dedicate years and years of their lives working for one employer. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota who managed a farmer’s co-op for decades has now found himself facing criminal charges. The man recently surrendered and now faces a charge of mail fraud.

Reports indicate that members of the co-op contacted authorities in September about payments that they believed the 56-year-old man made to himself. The co-op reportedly wanted to meet with him, but he allegedly left the state instead. Reports claim that friends of the man say he told them he was in trouble for taking money from his employer.

The co-op claims that the man wrote himself several checks over $40,000. They further state that he hid these checks by claiming that they were for purchases made for the co-op, including wheat, soybeans and corn. He allegedly used the money to pay for hunting trips and taxidermy services, among other expenses, including a downpayment on a hunting property.

Fraud allegations are often complex and come with serious consequences if convicted. In all criminal cases, prosecutors are required to provide sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Though this standard is often difficult to meet, some people may choose to seek a plea deal because of the potential consequences of a conviction. An attorney with experience with such cases in Minnesota can help defendants carefully weigh the evidence against them and choose the most appropriate course of action for each case.

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