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Minnesota teen accused of assault, underage drinking

| Feb 18, 2019 | College Student Crimes |

People experiencing a medical emergency may be unsure of what is happening around them. In the confusion, they may mistakenly perceive someone who is trying to help as a threat. Unfortunately, a Minnesota teenager is now facing criminal charges, including accusations of underage drinking, after she allegedly injured a health care worker at a hospital.

Reports indicate that the 18-year-old woman was transported to the hospital by hospital just after midnight on a day in early February. It is unclear why the young woman required hospital treatment. Law enforcement officials report that a “personal care extender” approached the woman to take her vital signs.

However, the teenager allegedly flipped over onto her stomach and bit the health care worker on her finger. The bite is said to have torn the woman’s skin, resulting in the need for stitches for a wound that was approximately an inch long. A preliminary breath test reportedly revealed that the teenager’s blood alcohol content was .14.

In addition to a charge related to underage drinking, the Minnesota teenager is also charged with fourth-degree assault of hospital emergency personnel. As a result of the alleged incident, the young woman now faces multiple decisions that could impact the rest of her life. Often, young people feel unprepared to make such important decisions, prompting them to turn to experienced criminal defense attorneys for advice. Such a professional can help someone facing criminal charges fully understand the available options — such as fighting the charges in court or pleading guilty — and choose the most appropriate path.

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