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Man charged with underage DUI after alleged failed breath test

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Blood Alcohol Tests, Firm News |

Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, many crimes may carry serious consequences when convictions are obtained. Being accused of a crime would likely be an alarming situation for most people. Seeking out an experienced criminal defense attorney is often beneficial in such circumstances. A young Minnesota man is likely now looking into his legal options after being charged with multiple offenses due to allegedly failing a breath test

According to authorities, the 20-year-old was supposedly driving a car that had been reported stolen. When police spotted the vehicle, the man was pulled over. Upon searching the vehicle, he was arrested and charged with multiple offenses ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

Within the car, police stated that they discovered pistols, a rifle, a BB gun, an assault rifle, ammunition, three compound bows and three open bottles of liquor. A recent report indicated that when a preliminary breath test was given, his results showed his blood alcohol content as .47. The man was charged with felony theft, misdemeanor pistol without a permit possession and misdemeanor underage drinking and driving. He has since pleaded guilty to these charges.

Such charges may result in serious repercussions. Anyone charged with a crime, whether based on a breath test or otherwise, would likely benefit from consulting an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney could work toward ensuring that a client’s legal rights are protected. The attorney could also help to provide a strong defense for court and either clear a person’s name or fight for a reduction in a sentence.

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