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2 Minnesota men accused of drug crimes involving cocaine

by | Aug 20, 2017 | College Student Crimes, Firm News |

The possession and distribution of illegal drugs can lead to serious ramifications for anyone involved in such matters. Those facing drug charges in Minnesota may wonder how to proceed in light of these types of accusations. Two men are now likely looking into their legal options after being charged for drug crimes related to the distribution of cocaine.

Authorities say that multiple law and drug enforcement organizations, including the Minnesota State Patrol and Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug, worked together on a recent drug ring investigation. Allegedly, agents made several controlled buys from the two men now accused of participating in the ring. They say this led to the seizure of about 73 grams of cocaine. After further search warrants were executed, another 44 grams of cocaine were also reportedly found.

Officials state that the discovery of the cocaine ties the men to a drug distribution ring that has been under investigation. Following the seizure of the drugs, the men have each been charged with first degree sale of a controlled substance. They are currently both in jail.

Individuals accused of similar drug crimes would likely benefit from contacting an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after the charges are made. An attorney could assist in creating a strong defense to present in court by assessing an individual’s circumstances. This could help to provide the best possible outcome for a client’s situation and perhaps avoid any potential conviction. Additionally, an attorney could provide guidance and support throughout any future legal proceedings related to the charges.

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