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Minnesota man facing DWI charge after police chase

by | Aug 29, 2017 | DUI/DWI Charges, Firm News |

When a Minnesota resident faces a criminal charge, he or she may be unsure how to proceed in light of the accusations. For many, consulting an experienced attorney is often beneficial to the outcome of their case. One man is likely looking into his legal options after being charged with a felony level DWI along with other charges.

Police report that they began a high speed chase with the man in the city that continued onto the property of a local farmer. The officer alleged that he had to exceed speeds of 120 mph to keep up with the driver. Once on the farm, the man purportedly drove through a few fences and through a potato field, ultimately causing thousands of dollars in property damage.

After some time, police say that the man exited the vehicle and attempted to flee toward the tree line. Officers pursued him on foot and via ATV until he was caught. The man has now been charged with fleeing a police officer, property damage, driving without a license and his supposed third felony level DWI.

Those accused of DWI may have several legal avenues they may be able to pursue. To determine the course of action that would be best for such a situation, an individual may decide to consult an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney. In addition to assessing a client’s circumstances, an attorney could also work with them toward presenting a strong defense for any related legal proceedings as well as work toward ensuring a client’s rights are protected.

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