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2 men may face criminal charges after alleged shooting

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

Traffic stops are a regular occurrence in Minnesota and across the country. Most involve a short discussion with the police officers and little else. Two men are now in custody, however, and may soon face criminal charges after an alleged shooting during one such traffic stop in the early morning hours.

Police report that officers witnessed the two men acting suspiciously outside a gas station convenience store. When the men left the gas station, authorities followed them, eventually conducting a traffic stop. The officers involved allege that the two men then fired shots at the officers before driving away. Reports indicate the car then crashed in a field, and the men attempted to flee before finally surrendering.

The officers were not injured in the supposed altercation, though one of the men accused of participating was taken to the hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening. Both men were booked at the county jail for probable cause attempted murder. Charges have not yet been filed, but were expected to follow within a few days. The incident remains under investigation, though police state that the scene was captured on squad car cameras.

Those facing similar criminal charges could face serious consequences if convictions are obtained. To combat this, anyone facing such charges would likely benefit from consulting an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney could help someone build a strong defense and work toward obtaining the best possible outcome in any future legal proceedings they may face as a result of the charges.

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