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An arrest for DUI could be a bad career move

by | Apr 27, 2018 | blog, Firm News |

If you are a high school or college student, or you drive a vehicle for a living, an arrest for driving under the influence can be a traumatic event, and it could adversely affect your opportunities.

Looking ahead, the DUI could continue to have an impact on your career future.

Education issues

If the career you want begins with a degree, keep in mind that college applications receive close scrutiny. If you have a DUI mark on your record, it will show up during a background check. Some schools will admit you, especially if your DUI is a first offense, but some will not. Looking forward, you may become disqualified from occupations that require certification or state licensing, such as work as a doctor, lawyer or teacher.

Problems for a professional driver

If you drive for a living and receive a DUI conviction, you could have your commercial driver’s license suspended for a year for a first offense. If you receive a second conviction, you will lose your CDL permanently.

If your job requires a clean driving record, you could lose your present job once your employer finds out about the conviction. A DUI may also go against you when you look for a new position. Most employers run background checks on job applicants. When they see the mark on your record, they may not want to take a chance on you.

Managing the charge

Whether you are a young person just starting out or a commercial driver with a job to protect, a DUI charge puts your future at stake. An arrest for driving under the influence will prompt an investigation into the circumstances, including how law enforcement handled the arrest. Other possible defenses may rest on whether breath and blood tests accurately measured the alcohol levels in the bloodstream. The overarching goal of your defense strategy is to isolate the offense and keep that DUI arrest from affecting your career permanently.

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