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Is your drinking becoming a problem?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | DUI |

You may believe that the signs of alcohol abuse are apparent and that you do not have a problem. While there is no single indicator that your alcohol use is excessive, some signs point in that direction.

Alcohol use disorder may occur when an emotional or physical dependence on the substance occurs. Even if you do not drink what you consider a large quantity of alcohol, you may still have a problem. If you find yourself exhibiting some of the following signs and symptoms, you may want to make changes to curb it.

You experience memory loss

Alcohol is a chemical that bypasses the digestive tract and absorbs rapidly into the blood system. Consuming too much at a time may impede the kidneys and liver from processing it all efficiently. When too much alcohol enters the blood, it may travel to the brain and impede memory solidification. These episodes of blackouts may occur more frequently the more excessive your drinking becomes.

You hide your drinking

If people comment on your drinking habits, you may feel like hiding it from them. This means you stop drinking while around others, but instead, do it either behind closed doors. You may also start smoking or carrying breath mints to stop others from smelling the alcohol.

You take risks

Drinking inhibits brain function and affects more than just memories. You may find yourself making poor decisions and taking risks you would not sober. A common mistake people make when drinking is operating a vehicle. Drunk driving may land you jail, or you may cause a crash that takes someone’s life.

Recognizing that your drinking has become a problem is the most important step to getting help.

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