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Know the basics of indecent exposure

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Sex Crimes |

Many college students may think that certain behaviors are simply part of being in college. However, some acts, such as indecent exposure, may get students into trouble.

FindLaw says that people may face indecent exposure charges if they display their genitalia in public. The offense usually refers to an intentional act rather than an accidental one. A student who unintentionally flashed someone, for example, would likely not face charges. Additionally, indecent exposure usually occurs in a public place.

What are the nuances of indecent exposure?

Many courts consider the factors as they determine whether someone has committed this offense. Most of the time, people have to act to offend others or to make them apprehensive. Some legal officials may not consider public urination to be indecent exposure, for example, if the defendant did not intend others to witness the act.

What is the penalty for indecent exposure?

Students may face more consequences than they realize if they receive a conviction. According to the Minnesota Legislature, indecent exposure is usually a misdemeanor. However, people may face gross misdemeanor charges if a minor is present during the incident. Students may also face these charges if they have a previous indecent exposure conviction on their record.

In some situations, indecent exposure may result in felony charges. This could be the case if people restrict another person’s movement before exposing themselves. Students could face several consequences if a court convicts them. They may have to pay a fine and sometimes, they could also spend time in prison.

Many Minnesota courts may evaluate the situation as they decide what penalty is appropriate.

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