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Do you know the full cost of a DUI?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | DUI |

Rather than spend money on a rideshare or ask a friend to take you home, you may decide to drive yourself if you do not live far from your favorite bar. Because of the short distance, you feel that there is little chance of the police pulling you over if you indulge in a bit too much alcohol. What could it hurt? 

Before you head out for a night of drinking, see what Esurance has to say about the full cost of a DUI. A short, intoxicated ride home could result in a massive blow to your finances for quite a long time. 


You cannot expect to drive yourself home after receiving a DUI charge. Instead, the arresting officer calls to have your vehicle towed and impounded, both of which you have to pay for, the total for which is about $200. 


DUI charges come with fees and penalties, roughly anywhere between $300 and $1,500 for your first DUI. If you have past DUIs on your record, expect increased penalties. 


First-time DUI offenders often have to complete a 30- to 60-hour treatment program, the length of which depends on how much alcohol you had in your system during your arrest. Out-of-pocket costs for such treatment run approximately $600. 

Court fees 

Expect to spend time in court to settle affairs with your DUI. Mandatory court fees and filed paperwork cost money, the amount of which is about $800. The overall severity of your case and how long legal matters stretch out impact the final cost. 

Letting someone else drive you home after even one drink is a good idea. The time and money you spend are sure to be less than the cost of a DUI, just ask an experienced legal professional. 

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