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Celebrating with friends and DUI charges

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | DUI |

Often, people enjoy celebrating various events and accomplishments with their friends. For example, when someone is promoted, welcomes a child into their family or has another reason to celebrate, it is likely that they will include their friends at some point. Many people enjoy having a few drinks during these celebrations, whether a group of friends gets together for a barbecue at someone’s house or they go out to a bar for a night of fun. Unfortunately, this presents potential concerns, especially if people need to get home for the night after drinking. 

Many people are able to take a taxi home or find someone to drive them home, but this is very difficult for some people. For example, those who live in a rural area or do not have anyone to give them a ride often face a harder time making it home after consuming alcohol. Sometimes, people in this position drive while under the influence, thinking it is okay because they live nearby or because they have not consumed much alcohol. This is very concerning because drivers are stopped in various circumstances by law enforcement officials who suspect they are under the influence and even very small amounts of alcohol often lead to drunk driving charges. 

Regrettably, DUI charges bring celebrations to an end and give rise to various hardships, such as high levels of stress, emotional challenges (depression, anxiety and so on), financial concerns and even the risk of spending time behind bars. Handling a DUI case properly is pivotal and we cover various aspects of this on our website. 

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