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DUI charges and your teaching career

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | DUI/DWI Charges |

For anyone, being pulled over for suspected drunk driving can bring on many different concerns and possible consequences. However, some people find themselves in a particularly complex situation once these allegations surface, such as those who work in certain fields. Teachers, for example, may have an especially hard time dealing with the aftermath of the allegations and the potential repercussions of an unfavorable outcome in the courtroom. These problems may extend beyond fines and the revocation of their driving privileges—they may ultimately unravel one’s livelihood and future.

Whether you teach college students or kindergarteners, being taken into custody for driving drunk can be extremely worrisome. Your reputation in the school and outside of the school may be shattered beyond repair. You could lose your job because of the case, and you may find that you are unable to secure employment somewhere else as a result of your record. Parents as well as students may look down on you and you may lose the confidence that you need to succeed in the classroom.

These are just some of the pressures that teachers face when they are pulled over for DUI, and their lives may unravel in a lot of other ways too. In order to protect your career, it is imperative to have a firm understanding of your rights and the legal options that could be available to you. For example, certain aspects of your case may allow you to achieve a better outcome in court and protect your future. We cover more on drunk driving charges throughout our office’s website.

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