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A driver’s license revocation or suspension in Minnesota

| Nov 19, 2018 | Driver's License Revocation |

For many people in Minnesota, their ability to drive is directly related to their ability to support themselves and their families. Without a driver’s license, a person could be unable to go to work or meet a variety of other professional and familial obligations. As such, many who face a driver’s license revocation of suspension turn to the experienced law firm of Bauer Law Office for help.

When facing accusations of driving under the influence, certain circumstances could result in an automatic revocation. For example, a revocation follows a failed breath, urine or blood test or the refusal to submit to such a test. In a first offense, if the accused has a blood alcohol concentration under .16 and no other aggravating factors, he or she could face a 90-day revocation. Revocations last longer for repeat offenders and those with a higher BAC.

Drivers who are underage will face an immediate suspension with any amount of alcohol in their systems. A first offense with a BAC under .08 results in a 30 day suspension. Additional offenses and aggravating factors could extend the suspension.

Fortunately, our law firm can help those in Minnesota facing a driver’s license revocation or suspension respond to their circumstances in a variety of ways. We can file a judicial challenge on the behalf of our clients and work to reduce the amount of time of the revocation or suspension. We help our clients seek a limited license which will ensure that they are able to travel to work or school as well as helping them get back on the road immediately by installing an ignition interlock system. Most importantly, we are willing to work with each of our clients to ensure that everyone’s individual needs are met.

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